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The ordinary genocide

The ordinary genocide

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    • От издателя
    The ordinary genocide Films collection
    Серия:Документальное кино
    Формат: Video DVD (keep case)
    Дистрибьютор: Студия Багира

    This film collection presents the series of Ordinary Genocide telling the truth about the events of 1988-1992, during which Armenian population of Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh has repeatedly been subjected to ethnic cleansing and genocide. Based on eyewitnesses' words..., documents and publications in the press, this film tells about the bloody week realized on January 13-19, 1990 in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, which resulted in the inhuman killing of hundreds, and forced deportation of more than ten thousands of people...This documentary is an accusation. An accusation of a crime against humanity, committed In Soviet Azerbaijan on February 27-29, 1988. Accusation of Genocide, committed on April 10, 1992 in the village of Maragha in Nagorno-Karabakh. Vice Speaker of House of Lords of the United Kingdom Carolina Cox named Maragha the contemporary Golgotha many times over. The tragedy of dozens of residents of Maragha who were brutally killed, taken captives, tortured in prisons and lost, which remained unknown to the world, is testified by witnesses; their words are substantiated with documentary footage.
    Multiple video and photo documents, testimonies of witnesses, materials of investigations and lawsuits presented in the documentary shed light to previously unknown details of events that entered the history with one terrifying name: “Sumgait”…

    1. Sumgait 1988 / 53 min.

    2. Baku 1990 / 37 min.

    3. Maragha 1992 / 49 min.

    Total: 139 minutes
    Stereo: English
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