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Yerevan Screen Server - Ереван

Yerevan Screen Server - Ереван

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25-го марта

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    • От издателя
    The history of Yerevan dates back to 782 B.C. when King Argishti 1 founded an impregnable castle and a fortress and left a carved evidence for it.The city was named Erebuni.The devastating earthquake of 1679 totally ruined Yerevan, all its buildings and churches. Under the Persian rule , till 1827 Yerevan was the capital of the Khanate of the same name,then of the Armenian Province of Russian Empire and later of the Yerevan province.When Armenia declared independance on May 28,1918 Yerevan became the capital of Republic of Armenia.In 20th century many modern buildings ,monuments and architectural complexes were built in Yerevan .In the recent years Yerevan has become a prominent tourest attraction. On this CD of screen savers we have wrapped the Beauty of Yerevan ,so let it unfold ravishing views of Yerevan on your monitor .Let everybody’s soul be filled with warmth and love of Yerevan.